"...I was in prison, and ye came unto me."
- Matthew 25:36

Welcome to
Restoration Jail Ministries

Serving the Maury County Jail and Sheriff's Department since 2000

In our community rising crime destroys lives and costs all of us. We provide chaplain services that facilitate programs to decrease repeat offenders and restore people to God, their families, and the community.

Over the last year, 6,000 men and women were booked into the Maury County Jail. Maury Chaplain Ministries shares the saving grace and love of Christ to the imprisoned and their families, as well as the staff of the Maury County Jail and Sheriff’s Department. An evangelical Christian ministry based in Columbia, TN, we are called and dedicated to be in the jail daily interacting with people that society would just as soon forget.

When the cell door closes behind them, new inmates are faced with the consequences of their decisions. Where is the hope for them? Our chaplain introduces them to the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and disciple them. The Chaplain shows them a vision of life with Christ.

The Sheriff Department’s staff members have many needs, both professionally and personally. They face stresses and risks daily and put themselves in harm’s way to make the community a safer and better place. The Chaplain offers encouragement and a listening ear to them.